Monday, November 25, 2019

I'm 30 and homeless. What is the fastest way for me to become a millionaire?

The way I shared earlier post, let's get into this practical answer Mr.Flavian given at 'Quora'
Age is not directly related to becoming a millionaire, but your mindset is.
At 30 and homeless, you have many odds against you. Financially, you’re below ZERO.
Let’s analyze your situation:
  • You’re homeless
  • You have no money
  • You have no food
  • You have no clothes
  • You live on handouts.
  • You live on relief
  • You have no job (Otherwise, you would not be homeless.)
  • You have a brain
  • You have an education
  • You can communicate
  • You’re not a disabled person
  • You have both hands and legs
  • If you have a past qualification or experience or anything at all, that’s a bonus
I think the first thing you should do is come up with a strategy.
(You don’t mention much about yourself, but we shall assume that you’re an honest, able-bodied person who does not have a criminal past. If you have a criminal past, then you’ll have to work very hard to convince people.)
  1. Forget about becoming a millionaire
  2. Focus on getting a job
  3. Change your mindset (Difficult, but possible)
  1. Ask people to donate some clothes (You’ll have to be very polite about this. Tell people a believable story. Some people will sympathize with you)
  2. Clean yourself up (Nobody will offer you a job if they learn you’re homeless)
  3. Register at the nearest labor office
  4. Draw a list of 50 shops, hotels, restaurants and department stores around your area
  5. Walk (don’t call) to each one of these shops or department stores and ask for any casual job as a laborer, cleaner, packer, delivery boy/girl, etc.
  6. Walk to each home around your area and ask for any casual job as gardener, laborer, etc.
  7. What’s important is to start from somewhere and have some cash in your pocket
Let’s be practical about this.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock all your life, I’m assuming that you have a past life and in that past life, you knew some people, relatives, friends or acquaintances.
If this is true, then you must have done some really bad things to these people to end up being homeless.
If you owed some people some money, then this is going to be really difficult for these people to ever trust you again.
Otherwise, just approach these people and ask for help.
One of the most difficult and embarrassing tasks in life is to ask for help. Most people die of shame because they cannot summon the guts to simply ask for help.
Having done all that, don’t even think of becoming a millionaire. Think about solving the next big problem — homelessness. You cannot think of becoming a millionaire if you don’t even have a home.
Once you’ve solved the problem of homelessness, buy books and start reading, particularly finance books, investment books, business books, technology books, motivational books, self-improvement books, and any other books that might help.
In other words, give yourself a good, financial education.
I will not even waste more time telling you what to do next, because what you do next is really up to you.

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