Wednesday, November 27, 2019

NEWS: Changing climate condition of India to extreme

Scientists and experts says that the past decade's general condition of sudden rainfall caused by global warming.
This has been notice that India facing extreme weather with past decades being the warmer and driest ever, which includes the vary rare instance of successive prolonged shortage of water in 2014 and 2015, but this period has also seen several instances of intense rain which flooded Mumbai, Uttarakhand, Kashmir in 2014 and Kerala in 2018.
'Due to global warming, frequency of rainfall as well as temperature extremes are increasing, and will go on increasing in the future,' said SK Dash, former head of the Centre for Atmospheric Science, IIT Delhi, adding that scientific models are required to assess the relationship between climate change and a particular weather incident.
Increase in the droughts and flood, particularly bad for farmers as they suffer from dry patches as well as floods, statistically the rainfall may appear close to normal over a period that includes both extremes like in part of Maharashtra in recent weeks.

'Need to be Ready for Such Conditions'
Dash said Mumbai has been vulnerable because it is located on the coast, but on the whole, the country must be ready to face such extreme phenomena.
'There should be preparedness in the future because incidents are only going to get more frequent,' Dash said.
Official weather data suggests that India has become much hotter in recent years. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), 2018 was the sixth warmest year in India since the weather office started maintaining records in the beginning of last century. "It may be mentioned that 11out of 15 warmest years were during 2004-2018. Past decade (2001-2010/2009-2018) was also the warmest decade on record," IMD had observed.
In the case of Mumbai, heavy rainfall is common, said M Mohapatra, IMD's director general of meteorology. "Every year during July and August, we get heavy rainfall at least two to three times. Last year. it was during August. In 2005, it was on July 26. It's natural. Mumbai is in such a geographical position that once there is an active monsoon condition, it will get extremely heavy rainfall," he said.

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