Wednesday, July 22, 2020

N95 Valve Mask Can be Use For Pollution, Not For COVID 19 Pandemic

"YOUR MASK PROTECTS ME, MY MAST PROTECTS YOU" The Valve N95 Mask Does't Function In COVID 19 Pandamic

Why you should not wear the N95 Valve mask in COVID Pandamic?

1. Mask with one-way valves can filter the air you inhale, but these masks do not filter the breathing out exhaled air.
2. The valve throw out exhaled air in a strong, steady stream, which moves with speed.
3. If the COVID 19 carrier wear the such valve mask, those around them can be infected.

Global Experts warn against Valve Masks

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommends cloth masks, as layers cotton can prevent the potentially infectious respiratory droplets from entering or escaping. San Francisco goverment's website states that masks with a one-way valve are designed for easier breathing, but allow droplets to go out of the mask, putting those around at risk.

Valves Don't Filter Exhaled Air

Vivek Nangia, Principal Director & HOD, Institute of Respiratory Pulmonary Intensive Care (Saket Complex) from Max Super Speciality Hospital, Says, "Mask with one-way Valve don't filter exhaled air, so if asymptomatic COVID carrier wears a valve mask, the air they breaths out will carry viruses. So, a valve mask will prevent the individual from catching the infection but will be harmful to those around, so it's better to opt for masks without valves."

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